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初级 西方节日,骗子关于市场上大理石标记的评

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介词• 介词的性格

Chapter 4

The young tenant(房客) in the chair allowed these thoughts to file, soft-shod, through his mind, while there drifted(飘来) into the room furnished sounds and furnished scents.

He heard in one room a tittering(嗤嗤的窃笑) and incontinent(荒淫无度的), slack(放纵的)laughter; in others the monolog(独白) of a scold, the rattling(嗒嗒声) of dice, a lullaby(催眠曲), and one crying dully; above him a banjo(班卓琴) tinkled with spirit.

Doors banged somewhere; the elevated(高架的)trains roared intermittently(断断续续地); a cat yowled(惨叫) miserably(凄惨地) upon a back fence.

And he breathed the breath of the house—a dank(潮湿的) savor rather than a smell—a cold, musty(发霉的) effluvium(臭气) as from underground vaults(地窖) mingled(混合)with the reeking(发出臭味的) exhalations(发散物)of linoleum(油毡) and mildewed(发了霉的) and rotten(腐烂的) woodwork(木制品).

Then, suddenly, as he rested there, the room was filled with the strong, sweet odor(气味) of mignonette( [法]木犀草 ).

It came as upon a single buffet of wind with such sureness and fragrance and emphasis that it almost seemed a living visitant(参观者).

And the man cried aloud, “What, dear?” as if he had been called, and sprang up and faced about.

The rich odor clung to(紧附) him and wrapped(包裹) him around.

He reached out his arms for it, all his senses for the time confused and commingled.

How could one be peremptorily(突然地) called by an odor? Surely it must have been a sound.

But, was it not the sound that had touched, that had caressed(爱抚) him?

“She has been in this room,” he cried, and he sprang to wrest from it a token, for he knew he would recognize the smallest thing that had belonged to her or that she had touched.

This enveloping scent of mignonette(木犀草), the odor that she had loved and made her own—whence(从何处)came it?

The room had been but carelessly set in order.

Scattered(零散的) upon the flimsy(轻而薄的) dresser scarf were half a dozen hairpins—those discreet(小的,不显眼的), indistinguishable friends of womankind, feminine of gender, infinite of mood and uncommunicative of tense.

These he ignored, conscious of(意识到) their triumphant lack of identity.

Ransacking(搜遍) the drawers of the dresser he came upon a discarded(被遗弃的), tiny, ragged(破旧的) handkerchief.

He pressed it to his face.

It was racy(辛辣的) and insolent(粗野的) with heliotrope(天芥菜); he hurled(丢下) it to the floor.

In another drawer he found odd(零星的) buttons, a theater program, a pawn broker(典当商)’s card, two lost marshmallows(棉花软糖), a book on the divination(占卜) of dreams.

In the last was a woman’s black satin(缎子) hair-bow, which halted(使…停下) him, poised(保持) between ice and fire.

But the black satin hair-bow also is femininity’s demure(端庄的), impersonal, common ornament(装饰物), and tells no tales.

And then he traversed(穿过) the room like a hound(猎犬) on the scent, skimming(扫视) the walls, considering the corners of the bulging(鼓起的) matting on his hands and knees, rummaging(仔细查找) mantel and tables, the curtains and hangings, the drunken(摇摇欲坠的) cabinet(橱柜) in the corner, for a visible(可见的) sign, unable to perceive(察觉) that she was there beside, around, against, within, above him, clinging to him, wooing(追求) him, calling him so poignantly(悲惨地) through the finer senses that even his grosser ones became cognizant(察知的) of the call.

Once again he answered loudly, “Yes, dear!” and turned, wild-eyed, to gaze on vacancy(空虚), for he could not yet discern(觉察出) form and color and love and outstretched arms in the odor of mignonette.

Oh, God! Whence that odor, and since when have odors had a voice to call? Thus he groped(摸索).

He burrowed(搜寻) in crevices(裂缝) and corners, and found corks(软木塞) and cigarettes.

These he passed in passive contempt(蔑视).

But once he found in a fold of the matting a half-smoked cigar, and this he ground beneath his heel with a green and trenchant oath(咒骂).

He sifted(仔细检查)the room from end to end.

He found dreary(枯燥无味的) and ignoble small records of many a peripatetic(流动的) tenant; but of her whom he sought, and who may have lodged(借宿) there, and whose spirit seemed to hover(盘旋) there, he found no trace(踪迹).

And then he thought of the housekeeper.

He ran from the haunted(有鬼魂出没的) room downstairs and to a door that showed a crack(缝隙) of light.

She came out to his knock.

He smothered(压抑) his excitement as best he could.

“Will you tell me, madam,” he besought(恳求) her, “who occupied the room I have before I came?”

“Yes, sir. I can tell you again. ’Twas Sprowls and Mooney, as I said.

Miss B’retta Sprowls it was in the theaters, but Missis Mooney she was.

My house is well known for respectability.

The marriage certificate hung, framed, on a nail over—”

“What kind of a lady was Miss Sprowls—in looks, I mean?”

“Why, black-haired, sir, short, and stout(肥胖的), with a comical(滑稽的)face.

They left a week ago Tuesday. ”

“And before they occupied it?”

“Why, there was a single gentleman connected with the draying(用板车装运)business.

He left owing me a week.

永利集团登录网址,Before him was Missis Crowder and her two children, that stayed four months; and back of them was old Mr. Doyle, whose sons paid for him.

He kept the room six months.

That goes back a year, sir, and further I do not remember. ”

He thanked her and crept(缓慢行进) back to his room.

The room was dead.

The essence(香味) that had vivified(使有活力) it was gone.

The perfume of mignonette had departed.

In its place was the old, stale(污浊的) odor of moldy(陈腐的) house furniture, of atmosphere in storage.

The ebbing(幻灭) of his hope drained(耗尽) his faith.

He sat staring at the yellow, singing gaslight.

Soon he walked to the bed and began to tear the sheets into strips(条状物).

With the blade(刀锋) of his knife he drove them tightly into every crevice around windows and door.

When all was snug(严实的) and taut(紧的) he turned out the light, turned the gas full on again and laid himself gratefully upon the bed.

It was Mrs. McCool’s night to go with the can for beer.

So she fetched it and sat with Mrs. Purdy in one of those subterranean(地下的) retreats(僻静处) where housekeepers foregather(聚集) and the worm dies seldom.

“I rented out my third floor, back, this evening,” said Mrs. Purdy, across a fine circle of foam(泡沫).

“A young man took it.

He went up to bed two hours ago. ”

“Now, did ye, Mrs. Purdy, ma’am?” said Mrs. McCool, with intense admiration.

“You do be a wonder for rentin’ rooms of that kind.

And did ye tell him, then?” she concluded in a husky(沙哑的) whisper, laden(充满的) with mystery.

“Rooms,” said Mrs. Purdy, in her furriest tones, “are furnished for to rent.

I did not tell him, Mrs. McCool. ”

“’Tis right ye are, ma’am; ’tis by renting rooms we kape alive.

Ye have the rale sense for business, ma’am.

There be many people will rayjict the rentin’ of a room if they be tould a suicide(自杀) has been after dyin’ in the bed of it. ”

“As you say, we has our living to be making,” remarked Mrs. Purdy.

“Yis, ma’am; ’tis true.

’Tis just one week ago this day I helped ye layout(布置) the third floor, back.

A pretty slip of a colleen(小姑娘) she was to be killin’ herself wid the gas; a swate little face she had, Mrs. Purdy, ma’am. ”

“She’d a-been called handsome, as you say,” said Mrs. Purdy, assenting(同意) but critical(挑剔的), “but for that mole(痣) she had a-growin’ by her left eyebrow.

Do fill up your glass again, Mrs. McCool. ”

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初级 西方节日

  1. The crying boy tries to fry the dry crystal。

• 复杂-----简单• 介词原则:没有固定搭配

Chapter Thirteen: Independence Day 


• The government needs to help the homeless ( )

The most animated American festivity is the Fourth of July or Independence Day. It is the nation's birthday. The Fourth of July is a salute to freedom

  1. In the chimney the donkey and monkey found the key to the money monitor。


and democracy. It is a time to remember America's ideals of liberty , equality and opportunity for all.


• With for toward of• 2细微差异

What happened on 4 July?

  1. At the edge of the wedged hedge, I acknowledged the knowledgeable man。

• I got so afraid ( ) his career development, as this

In the 1700's the thirteen American colonies belonged to Great Britain.


failure is a real shock for him.

The colonists did not want to be governed by Britain. They wanted to be independent and to choose their own government. They wanted a democracy.

  1. The shark's remark on the marble mark in the market is remarkable。

• A for b of c against d by

Britain imposed high taxes and there were many rebellions.


• The bird is singing ( ) the tree.• 3 简约之美

On 4 July, 1776 a group of patriots wrote the Declaration of Independence . The Declaration proclaimed independence from Britain and democracy and justice for all. With the Declaration of Independence the thirteen colonies created their own nation, the United States of America. The Liberty Bell is a symbol of Independence Day.

  1. In the sparking park, the darling dark dog barked at the embarked larks。

• To have a government that is of people, for people,

The Americans fought against the British in the American Revolution.


by people.• Ask not what can be done for you, but what can

After years of war the British were defeated in 1781 in Yorktown,Virginia.

  1. The drifter swiftly shifted the gift to the left of the lift。

be done by you!• Life is full of ups and downs, yet the tide is unable

Today Americans celebrate the Fourth of July in many different ways.


to return.•

There is an American flag on every flagpole and many people put a flag outside their window. Americans call their flag "the Stars and Stripes."

  1. The rival's arrival gives him a forgivable chance。

Every city and town organises its own celebration. Red, white and blue decorations fill the streets.


Traditional Fourth of July events are patriotic speeches, parades, baseball games, competitions, a lot of music, dancing and picnics. These picnics are an old American tradition. The typical picnic consists of hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chocolate cake and ice cream.

  1. From the fact, the shivering driver derives that the diver may thrive on river。

The festivities usually end with a brilliant fireworks show.


In the West rodeos are a favourite event. A western rodeo is a spectacular event to watch!

  1. The striver contrives to derive that privacy can’t be deprived。

In Virginia there are historic parades with people in 18th-century costumes.



In New York City the top of the Empire State Building is illuminated with red, white and blue lights!

  1. The lively survivor surveyed the conveyer。

On off

In Flagstaff, Arizona, American Indians celebrate with a three-day pow-wow, a rodeo and tribal dances.


At in

Bridgeport, California is a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

  1. The living olive keeps the deliverer's liver alive。

For against

Bridgeport celebrates Independence Day in an old-fashioned way.


By with

Before the 10 o'clock parade someone reads the Declaration of Independence to the town. Then cowboys and Indians from nearby ranches come to the town on their beautiful horses. Children ride decorated bicycles in the parade. There is a big pie-eating competition. After a delicious picnic of barbecued meat, there is a baseball game. In the evening there is country music and dancing.

  1. With a knife the knitter ends his wife's life in the lifeboat。

to from• On—off• On 之源• On air

Chapter Fourteen: Notting Hill Carnival 


• Turn on

The Notting Hill Carnival of London is the second biggest carnival in the world and the biggest street festival in Europe! It is always on the last Sunday and Monday in August which is a Bank Holiday (a public holiday)

  1. Who made a whole hole in the holy holiday?

• Knock off

in the United Kingdom. On Sunday there is the Children's Carnival. The Carnival takes place in Notting Hill, West London.


• Off the book

When did the first Carnival take place?

  1. The man who broke the sole solid lid is solemnly condemned。

• Off-road• On 在常用时间地点上的意义。•

In the 1950's people from the Caribbean, and in particular from Trinidad,emigrated to Britain. They took their customs and traditions with them.


People remembered the great Carnivals held in the West Indies and in 1964 a street festival took place in Notting Hill.

  1. By the ruler's schedule, the molecule capsules will play an important role in the roller。

There were few people in costume dancing in the streets and carrying steel drums in this first festival. However, it was a great success. Since then Carnival has taken place every year in Notting Hill and it has grown into an enormous multicultural arts festival.


Carnival celebrations normally take place before Easter, in the month of March. However, in Britain the celebrations take place in August when the weather is warmer. During the year the West Indian families prepare their beautiful costumes and practise playing their steel drums. They also work on their floats.

  1. I deliberately liberated the man who was in despair and desperately struggled for liberation and liberty。

On 接触

On the days of Carnival, Notting Hill is full of colour, excitement, music,


keep an eye on 留意,照看

noise and people. About two million people go to Carnival every year!

  1. At the outset this set of setting settled the offset problem of the kettle。

depend on 依靠,

People with wonderful costumes dance in the streets and steel bands play Calypso, the traditional music of the West Indies.


Concentrate on focus on•

They also play Soca, the traditional music of Carnival, a mixture of Soul and Calypso .

  1. I bet that he forgot the forged alphabetical targets。

It is also possible to hear reggae , hip-hop and jazz . A parade with colourful floats travels seven and a half kilometres through the streets of London. There is a prize for the best float. It is sometimes almost impossible for the public to walk along the streets - the only way to move is to dance!


In the streets food vendors sell meat and vegetable patties , salted fish and other delicious West Indian specialities .

  1. The draft for aircraft is sent to the airline by airmail。

Everyone has a good time!


On the tree

中级 百万英镑

Part Two: An Unusual Bet

The two old gentlemen were brothers. For several days, they argued about a very strange subject. They decided to end their argument with a bet,as the English usually do. The following was the subject of the bet.

The Bank of England issued two banknotes of a million pounds each for a public transaction with a foreign country. England used one banknote and the other remained in the bank. At this point, Brother A said to Brother B,"If an honest and intelligent stranger arrives in London without a friend and without money, except for the £1,000,000 banknote, he will starve to death ."

Brother B answered, "No! I don't agree."

Brother A said, "If he goes to the bank or anywhere else to change this big note, the police will put him in prison. Everyone will think he stole it."

They continued arguing for days, until Brother B said, "I'll bet £20,000 that the stranger will live for thirty days with the banknote and not go to prison."

Brother A accepted the bet. He went to the bank and bought the £1,000,000 banknote. After, he returned home and prepared a letter. Then the two brothers sat by the window and waited for the right man for the bet.

They saw a lot of honest faces go by, but they were not intelligent enough.

Several faces were intelligent, but they were not honest. A lot of faces were honest and intelligent, but they were not poor enough. Other faces were honest, intelligent and poor, but they were not strangers.

When they saw me from the window, they thought I was the right man. They asked me questions, and soon they knew my story.

Finally, they told me I was the right man for the bet. I asked them to explain the bet. One of the gentlemen gave me an envelope. I wanted to open it, but he said, "No, don't open it now. Wait until you are in your hotel room. Then read it very carefully."

I was confused and I wanted to discuss the subject with them. But they didn't. I felt hurt because I was the subject of a joke.

When I left their house, I looked for the pear on the street. It was gone. I was quite angry with those two gentlemen.

Far from their house, I opened the envelope. I saw that there was money inside! I didn't stop to read their letter.

I ran to the nearest eating place. I ate and ate and ate. At last, I took out the envelope with the money, to pay for my meal. I looked at the banknote and almost fainted. It was a banknote worth five million dollars!

I was speechless. I stared at the banknote. The two gentlemen had made a big mistake.

They probably wanted to give me a one-pound banknote.

I saw the owner of the eating place staring at the banknote, too. We were both surprised. I did not know what to do or say, so I simply give him the note and said, "Give me the change, please."

The owner apologized a thousand times. ''I'm very sorry, but I can't change this banknote, sir."

"I don't have any other money. Please change this note." The owner then said, "You can pay for this food whenever you want, sir. I understand that you are a very rich gentleman. You like playing jokes on people by dressing like a poor man. You can come here and eat all you want, whenever you want. You can pay me when you want."

Part Three: The Letter When I left the eating place, I hurried to the house of the two gentlemen.

I wanted to correct the mistake they had made. I was very nervous.

When I arrived, the same servant opened the door. I asked for the two gentlemen.

"They are gone," the servant said.

"Gone? Gone where?"

"Oh, on a journey."

"But, where did they go?"

"To the Continent, I think."

"The Continent?"

"Yes, sir."

"When will they return?"

"In a month."

"A month! Oh, this is awful! How can I talk to them? It's extremely important."

"I can't help you. I don't know where they are, sir."

"Then I must see a member of the family."

"All the family are away. They're in Egypt and India, I think."

"Before leaving, the two gentlemen made an enormous mistake. They will certainly return home tonight. Tell them that I came here to correct the mistake. I will return tomorrow."

"I'll tell them if I see them. But I won't see them! Sir, you must not worry because everything is all right. They will be here on time, and they will see you then. Good-bye."

I was confused. My head was in a fog . I did not understand what the servant told me. The letter I remembered the letter! This is what it said:You are an intelligent and honest man. You are also poor and a stranger.

In this envelope you will find some money. It is yours only for 30 days. At the end of 30 days, return to this house, I have a bet on you. If I win this bet, you can have any job with any salary that you want.

There were no signature, no address, no date on the letter. How strange! I didn't know what to think. I went to a park, sat down and thought about what to do. After an hour, I reached the decision that follows.

The two old gentlemen are playing a game that I don't understand. They are betting on me. (But, at that time, I didn't know anything about the details of the bet.)

If I go to the Bank of England to return the banknote, the bank will ask me lots of questions. If I tell the truth, no one will believe me. They will put me in an asylum. If I tell a lie, the police will put me in prison. I can't even give it to anyone, because no honest person will want it.

I can do only one thing: I must keep the bill for a whole month. And, I must not lose it. If I help the old man to win his bet, he will give me the job I want. The idea of an important job with a big salary made me happy. With this exciting idea in mind, I began walking down the streets of London.

  1. On the impaired dairy the chairman lay in a pair of repaired chairs for haircut。

Go on


Lean on the wall

  1. I met a fairly unfair affair upstairs。

Depend onOn上对下


  1. At the breakfast, the steak leaked from the break。


  1. The weak speaker made a speech on the bleak peak。


act on

  1. The mouse's tearing the blouse and trousers aroused the housewife's anger。



  1. We beat (defeated) the cheat who heated the wheat。



• 有功效be based on

  1. He created the great creature with concrete for recreation。

• 以..为基础


• Don’t be too hard on me.• Please keep an eye on her!

  1. In the theater I threatened to treat the treaty with retreat。

• His words have great impact on me.•


  1. The man in neat sweaty sweater seated himself in the rear。


  1. The lagging man tagged the bags among the luggage with small flags。

feed on v.以...为食,以...为能源


From then on 从那时起

  1. The ragged man drags a waggon of rag fragments。

on occasion 有时,不时


on the principle of 根据...的原则 on purpose 故意,

  1. The lawyer's son-in-law likes hawk's claws and jaws。



  1. The drawer put the strawberries and raw paws into a drawer in the saw-mill。


  1. I had appetite for inviting the man who bit me despite I had spite against him。



  1. On the exciting kite site, the excited reciter cited my verse。

On fire


Agree on

  1. The photographer put the graph in the paragraph on geographical geometry。

The show is on.


Let’s go on!•

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