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Everthing has its own two sides,including love,zodiac,education,let alone the phychology.Because we know that phychology is from philosophy.After discussing something with a brother named wxxxlll,I take everything into consideration.Find it important to start a quality discussion with someone.

A Bug's Life

It has been more than three years since I joined ETMC. I found that our club changed a lot compared with what it was three years ago. Our president changed, our officers changed, many fresh guys joined in while some guys left due to different reasons. For me, I am still here, an old face keeps boring you in the regular meeting, of course, including this time. “Why do you keep staying in this club Lance?” The answer is ETMC. It helped me and changed my mindset and let me change from inactive status to reactive status, and now being active.

  1. The beloved novelist put her lovely gloves above the stove。


First state: inactive. From year 2014 to 2015. The first two years after I joined ETMC. I attended the regular meeting every two months, too few, right? Much worse was I did not deliver any CC speech. Perhaps you have got the answer why I named it inactive. At that time, my mindset was ETMC was an international English club, and my purpose was to practice my oral English. (Perhaps some guys here today have the similar willing as what I thought at that time) After I attended the meeting two times, I found that the meeting was out of my expectation. I was looking for a pure English environment but it seemed that most of our members didn’t have this trait. The strange thing was someone who didn’t say fluent English could get the best speaker. It was crazy, I felt a little sad. I thought I could be the best one if I presented on the stage. With this mindset, I rarely attended the meeting in the next days. I narrowed my mind in oral English and forget the important things that I could learn more about the skills of communication and leadership. In return, I didn’t get much benefit from our club. The only lucky thing was I was an easily persuaded person and when renewal season came, our VPM successfully convinced me to stay in our club.


Our discussion begins with something happened between my mother and me.Mommy said:You should look for a boy friend who can care for you instead of me.I know all my families  care about this one thing all the time,but I feel I'm so creative and changable,like a gust of wind.How to select a boy friend?And I feel every friend is just a friend.It's boring to make love with somebody.I have been told by my roommate for just not meeting with a suitable.I am afraid not for that reason.Only I cannot dare to bear the sufferings which bring from love,though many beautiful things are in it.An experienced brother asked me:which type of the boys do I like?Maybe he is naughty,humor,and lively.But denial comes to me next,he suggests I need a more stable person since i have been much more lively.To be honest,everyone has its two sides,including our character.So I don't think I am always active .In fact,I like considering something alone rather than staying a hot place.So someone who is animated in the crowd,he is really a little high cold.Meanwhile,he is good at observing others and grading  in his heart.So am I.Of course,I agree with his view concering it is meaningful for marking youth's memory to have an unforgettable experience on loving in campus.

Professor Hopper is researching the sexual behavior of a rare species of bugs. He assumes that they feature two different genders and that they only interact with bugs of the opposite gender. In his experiment, individual bugs and their interactions were easy to identify, because numbers were printed on their backs. 
Given a list of bug interactions, decide whether the experiment supports his assumption of two genders with no homosexual bugs or if it contains some bug interactions that falsify it.

Second state: reactive. In the year 2016. I began to change myself somehow. I was not staying in the inactive status, upgraded to reactive. What did reactive mean? That was I didn’t register and attend a regular meeting actively. However, if someone else talked with me and encouraged me to attend, I would like to do. Perhaps in their mind, I acted like the animal koala, needed to be pushed frequently to go ahead. At that time, there were many active members, such as WQ, Charles. But I couldn’t understand why they were so passionate to put energy in regular meeting frequently, what drove them to go ahead. It was a question for me. My mentor, champion Weiqiang, was good at public speaking, but failed in pushing me to deliver my CC1 speech. The better thing compared with the first inactive state was I seldom rejected to attend the meeting and began to think why I still stayed in this club. I found some guys had strength in presentation skills and they were confident on the stage, I wanted to own this trait. I began to change my mindset. The attendance for a regular meeting changed to every two weeks. When the renewal season came, I decided to continue.

  1. It's proved that the approver improved waterproof roof。


Third state: active. In the year 2017. Our club organized an activity to reselect mentor, a good opportunity to choose your favorite mentor, right? I thought this time I should select someone who can help me somehow and I wanted to give up the elder Wang Laoshi. During the 2 minutes presentation I said that I was preparing PMI certification and finally selected Lillian as my mentor because she was a project manager who could help me. By chance, our former president Xinsi captured my information. After the meeting, he sent me a lot of materials about how to prepare the PMI examination. Our VPE Shen also shared me some training videos freely. I was shocked. I never told this request to them but they stretched out their hands to help me. This time, I thought carefully, why they were willing to help me? Should I do something for our club? Later when Xinsi found me to act as CO-SAA because SAA Bruce travelled to Sweden for work, I promised her. During the next several months, acting as a SAA, I needed to arrange the meeting room and greeted our guests. I began to build my responsibility to server our clubs and extended to serve my family. I could feel that our club officers’ responsibility to server us and their hard contribution behind it. I learn to build. In the next season, I tried a new role as VPE and now as a VPM. To practice my communications and leadership skills, except serving others. Even through it took some of my extra time and energy, but I enjoyed this experience. I could feel that I am improving compared with what I was three year ago.


The next topic between us is zodiac.After communicating with him,I find he is interested in studying zodiac.I have been asked for the value of zodiac.I guess the changable seasons lead to the result.he shows me something concrete on it.So maybe I am all right in his opinion.He referred to the Freud's psychoanalytic school,and tried to explain the above views.Unfortunately,he happened to meet my opposition.In my perspective,Fred's many conclusions cannot been falsified.As the basis of a study,I cannot accept.Only because many things cannot be expressed clearly.At the same time,some words emerged,which are suitable to thoughts and feelings in our heart in that time.Therefore,he described his views from a different aspect.He said

The first line of the input contains the number of scenarios. Each scenario starts with one line giving the number of bugs (at least one, and up to 2000) and the number of interactions (up to 1000000) separated by a single space. In the following lines, each interaction is given in the form of two distinct bug numbers separated by a single space. Bugs are numbered consecutively starting from one.

Dear fellow members, have you got my point on what changed my mindset? Yes, that is ETMC. It never gave up me and changed my attitude. From inactive to reactive, and being active. I am changing. Have you got benefit from our club? If no, trying more, I believe you will find the answer sooner or later.

  1. In the reaction, the fraction acts as an agent。

“Everyone is born in different months and dates.At the same time,he or she will experience a different natural environment and human environment at the beginning of oneself.A baby will have more time at outdoors who is born in summer,he may be more open and touch many things by himself.But there are many insects will bring bad things to his body,leading to many diseases.Whereas,if he is in winter,he will have a quiet brain for thinking much more”


-  one speech targeting to practice the project "research your topic" by 木头人


I show some doubts,and told him many reasons would lead to the result,such as weather,food ,districts,customs and so on.

The output for every scenario is a line containing "Scenario #i:", where i is the number of the scenario starting at 1, followed by one line saying either "No suspicious bugs found!" if the experiment is consistent with his assumption about the bugs' sexual behavior, or "Suspicious bugs found!" if Professor Hopper's assumption is definitely wrong.

  1. Actually the actor and actress reacted actively to the activity。

Sample Input


Because of the limited time in our holiday.I need get back our dormitory.

3 3
1 2
2 3
1 3
4 2
1 2
3 4
  1. In the racial horse-race, the white racer's race-horse won。

See u all tomorrow.

Sample Output


Scenario #1:
Suspicious bugs found!

Scenario #2:
No suspicious bugs found!
  1. I feel a trace of disgrace for the gracious man's embracing her bracelet。



Huge input,scanf is recommended.

  1. The preface is written on the surface of the furnace that faces the space facilities。



题意是给定n个人和m组数据,每组数据表示的是它们是异性,假诺出现了抵触就输出“Suspicious bugs found!”,或则输出“No Suspicious bugs found!”

  1. “In fact, some factors are unsatisfactory to the factory,” the dissatisfied manager said。
 1 #include <iostream>
 2 #include <cstdio>
 3 using namespace std;
 4 const int maxn = 2e3;
 5 int fa[maxn*2+10];
 6 bool mark;
 7 int find(int x){
 8     if(fa[x] == x)return x;
 9     else return fa[x] = find(fa[x]);
10 }
11 void uni(int x, int y){
12     int xx, yy;
13     xx = find(x);
14     yy = find(y-maxn);
15     if(xx == yy){
16         mark = false;
17         return;
18     }
19     yy = find(y);
20     if(xx != yy) fa[xx] = fa[yy];
21 }
22 int main(){
23     int t, n, m, x, y, k = 1;
24     scanf("%d",&t);
25     while(t--){
26         scanf("%d%d",&n,&m);
27         for(int i = 1; i <= maxn+n; i++)fa[i] = i;
28         mark = true;
29         for(int i = 1; i <= m; i ++){
30             scanf("%d%d",&x,&y);
31             if(mark){
32                 uni(x, y+maxn);
33                 uni(y, x+maxn);
34             }
35         }
36         printf("Scenario #%d:n", k++);
37         if(mark) printf("No suspicious bugs found!n");
38         else printf("Suspicious bugs found!n");
39         printf("n");
40     }
41     return 0;
42 }



  1. The manufacturer manually manufactured many machines for the manufactory。

How Many Answers Are Wrong


TT and FF are ... friends. Uh... very very good friends -________-b 

FF is a bad boy, he is always wooing TT to play the following game with him. This is a very humdrum game. To begin with, TT should write down a sequence of integers-_-!!(bored). 

图片 1

Then, FF can choose a continuous subsequence from it(for example the subsequence from the third to the fifth integer inclusively). After that, FF will ask TT what the sum of the subsequence he chose is. The next, TT will answer FF's question. Then, FF can redo this process. In the end, FF must work out the entire sequence of integers. 

BoringBoringa very very boring game!!! TT doesn't want to play with FF at all. To punish FF, she often tells FF the wrong answers on purpose. 

The bad boy is not a fool man. FF detects some answers are incompatible. Of course, these contradictions make it difficult to calculate the sequence. 

However, TT is a nice and lovely girl. She doesn't have the heart to be hard on FF. To save time, she guarantees that the answers are all right if there is no logical mistakes indeed. 

What's more, if FF finds an answer to be wrong, he will ignore it when judging next answers. 

But there will be so many questions that poor FF can't make sure whether the current answer is right or wrong in a moment. So he decides to write a program to help him with this matter. The program will receive a series of questions from FF together with the answers FF has received from TT. The aim of this program is to find how many answers are wrong. Only by ignoring the wrong answers can FF work out the entire sequence of integers. Poor FF has no time to do this job. And now he is asking for your help~(Why asking trouble for himself~~Bad boy)

InputLine 1: Two integers, N and M (1 <= N <= 200000, 1 <= M <= 40000). Means TT wrote N integers and FF asked her M questions. 

Line 2..M+1: Line i+1 contains three integer: Ai, Bi and Si. Means TT answered FF that the sum from Ai to Bi is Si. It's guaranteed that 0 < Ai <= Bi <= N. 

You can assume that any sum of subsequence is fit in 32-bit integer. 
OutputA single line with a integer denotes how many answers are wrong.Sample Input

10 5
1 10 100
7 10 28
1 3 32
4 6 41
6 6 1

Sample Output


 1 #include <iostream>
 2 #include <cstdio>
 3 using namespace std;
 4 const int maxn = 2e5+10;
 5 int fa[maxn], sum[maxn];
 7 int find(int x){
 8     if(fa[x] == x)return x;
 9     int t = fa[x];
10     fa[x] = find(fa[x]);
11     sum[x] += sum[t];
12     return fa[x];
13 }
14 void uni(int x, int y, int a, int b, int c){
15     if(x > y){
16         fa[y] = x;
17         sum[y] = sum[a] - sum[b] - c;
18     }else{
19         fa[x] = y;
20         sum[x] = sum[b] - sum[a] + c;
21     }
22 }
23 int main(){
24     int n, m;
25     while(~scanf("%d%d",&n,&m)){
26         for(int i = 0; i <= 200001; i++){
27             fa[i] = i;
28             sum[i] = 0;
29         }
30         int a, b, c, ans = 0;
31         while(m--){
32             scanf("%d%d%d",&a,&b,&c);
33             b++;
34             int x = find(a);
35             int y = find(b);
36             if(x == y && sum[a] != sum[b] + c) ans++;
37             else if(x != y) uni(x, y, a, b, c);
38         }
39         printf("%dn",ans);
40     }
41     return 0;
42 }



  1. The exact contact with practice has practical impact on me。